Cone Beam Computed Tomography


The most important cases in clinical daily routine

Systematic Radiographic Investigation, Diagnostics, Treatment Approach

Fleiner J.  |  Weyer N.  |  Stricker A.



This newly designed CBCT atlas has been composed to be a valuable aid for the practitioner to assist in solving practical problems in daily CBCT diagnosis.
In this edition the authors present a comprehensive and systematic collection of clinical cases, giving the necessary expertise to the interested reader while using a sophisticated, logically structured and self-explanatory didactic concept. This edition was conceived as high-value reference work for the ambitious CBCT practitioner for daily use in clinical practice.



  • Clear categorization


  • Concise didactic outline with major background information to the respective casuistics
  • Consistent classification with a standardized systematic concept of findings
  • Clearly structured teaching concept with corresponding labeling of findings in pictures and text paragraphs



  • Second case study for a better diagnostic comparison
  • Detailed illustration of the radiographic findings as topogram display  with color-coding of the corres-ponding sectional planes
  • Intuitive workflow by means of color-coded transverse, sagittal and axial reconstructions